The Rest of Everest Episode 124 and 125 – Yes! I’m Playing Catch-up Again!

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So the holidays have thrown me off my usual schedule of watching the latest episodes of The Rest of Everest, so once again, I’m playing catch-up with the show, which continues to drop high quality episodes on us week after week, something I’m always grateful for. After all, I have to get my Everest fix somewhere, especially considering the quality of Season 3 of Everest: Beyond The Limit.

Before I get started on the two most recent episodes of the show, I want to give you a heads up that early next week I’ll be announcing a contest, the first ever here on the Adventure Blog, that will give you a chance to win a copy of Everest {The Other Side}, the film from which The Rest of Everest sprang. It’s a very cool, high quality DVD that I know you’ll want to own, so stay tuned for details on how you can win a copy for yourself.

Episode 124 of the show opens with the team continuing their hike up to Dingboche, as they move above the tree line and into some real high altitude trekking. The altitude seems to be taking its toll on the travelers at this point of the trek, with several reporting lower energy levels and stomach issues. Fortunately, this latest leg of the trip doesn’t involve as much altitude gain, but is a longer distance. As usual, the episode features more of the fantastic Himalayan scenery, with shots of Everest, still in the distance, but looking spectacular. Highlights of this episode include more of the hanging bridges and a glimpse of the fickle weather patterns of the Himalaya as well. This episode is full of lot of tidbits of life on the trail when heading towards Everest Base Camp.

In Episode 125 the trekkers have reached Dingboche, where they have a rest day amidst plenty of snow on the ground and challenging weather keeping them in place. The episode opens with the trek’s co-leader Chris Marquardt catching a few “Z’s” quite literally, much to the amusement of the rest of the crew. The team spent much of their time centered around a local tea house, and we catch a glimpse of the Sherpa guides going about their business serving tea to the tents of the trekkers. The real highlight of this show is the birthday shrine that is built for trekker John, who turned 51 while in the Himalaya. It seems that the Sherpas decided to celebrate in style by creating a snowman in John’s honor. That snowman was adorned with a cowboy hat and all of the parts necessary for you to know that he was indeed a snowman. Funny stuff!

Two more good episodes that really show the experience of trekking to Everest. Great scenery, wonderful insights, and an inspiring sense of adventure. More to come next week!

Kraig Becker