The Rest of Everest Episode 127: You CAN Hear Me Now

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Midweek, as usual, brings us a new episode of The Rest of Everest, which continues the trek through the Khumbu Valley up to Everest Base Camp. When we left off last week, the team was still stranded in Dingboche, and that’s where we start this week.

Episode 127, entitled You CAN Here Me Now begins with everyone still hanging out in the local teahouse while they wait for the weather to clear. Early on, we get a nice contrast of cultures, as we see the team carrying all kinds of high tech gear, including some great camera gear and Jon’s iPhone, only to also see a local woman changing out the fuel in the stove used as a furnace. The “fuel” in this case was yak dung.

Over the course of the trek thus far, we’ve heard that there have been issues with the satellite phone not working properly. But on this day, it is finally up and running, allowing the trekkers to make phone calls home to say hello and check in with their friends and family.

Not much in the way of scenery this week, as the region is still covered with low clouds and snow. But Lhotse does make a cameo appearance at one point, and next week’s episode looks like it’ll put us back on the trail to base camp. Tune in then to see how the trek unfolds.

Kraig Becker

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