The Rest of Everest Episode 128: Immortalized In Nepal

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The Rest of Everest gets back on the trail to Everest Base Camp this week with the release of Episode 128, entitled Immortalized in Nepal. You may recall that in the past few episodes, the trekking team has been stranded in Dingboche thanks to inclement weather in the region. Those back-to-back rest days could possibly throw off the schedule however, preventing the team from getting up to Base Camp.

The video gets off to a beautiful start when the trekkers step out of their tent to check the weather, and they are greeted with sunshine and clear, blue skies, much to the delight of all involved. After spending a couple of extra days in Dingboche, they all seemed eager to get a move on, and hopeful they’ll still make it to their planned destination of EBC. With the skies cleared, we get amazing views of surrounding peaks, including Lhotse, Everest, and Ama Dablam.

A few episodes back one of the trekkers celebrated his birthday while on the journey, and the Sherpa’s helped him celebrate it in style. This week, another member of the team gets to celebrate, as Megan turns 25 while surrounded by the Himalaya. Of course, the Sherpa guides couldn’t just let the occasion pass without celebrating, and to honor Megan’s big day they prepared a little surprise for her on the trail, spelling out birthday wishes in rocks along one of the slopes.

This video definitely gets back to being focused on the trek, with plenty of footage of the team hiking the route up to Base Camp. Not only does this video show the conditions that we can expect on such a trek, but it also shows the kind of camaraderie that these trekking groups experience while traveling (and suffering?) together in remote places. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you’re interested in making this trek for yourself, it’s definitely worth watching this season of the podcast.

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