Retouching The Void With Simon Yates

Here’s another great opportunity to go trekking with a climbing legend. It seems that Simon Yates, of Touching the Void fame, is leading a trek back to Siula Grande, the mountain that made his, and Joe Simpson’s story famous.

U.K. adventure travel company World Expeditions has put together a 19-day trekking expedition along the Huayhuash Circuit which will be guided by Simon himself. Along with the usual highlights of this trek, which includes Inca ruins, a visit to Huaraz and Lima, as well as 13-days of hiking in the Andes, trekkers will have the opportunity to visit base camp on Siula Grande.

This is a rare opportunity for mountaineers, both active and armchair, to get a first hand account of one of the most legendary climbing stories of the past three decades. Simon will obviously have some amazing insights into what happened there. I’m sure the journey will be an emotional one, as Simon has not trekked through the region since 1985, when the events of the book took place, although I’m pretty sure he was back on the mountain when the film was being made.

There will be two treks held this fall, and the first one, running from Sept. 4-22 has already sold out. As of this writing however, there are still some slots open on the second trip, which will take place from Sept. 25 – Oct. 13. So, if you want to make one of the best treks in the world, while getting a first hand account of a legendary story from one of the men who were there, be sure to sign up quickly.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Retouching The Void With Simon Yates”

  1. Simon is doing a speech at the London Adventure Travel Show next week.

    FYI World Expedition is Aussie founded and has of courses offices in OZ, USA and Canada. In Australia they do several times per year FREE speeches describing the tours they do with the tour guide. I met Brigitte Muir (7summits, First Aussie female on Everest) there and as she was born Belgian we met again 2 years later drinking beers:

    I'm gonna go to Simon's speech with a few beers (Brigitte told me he likes some) and hopefully have a chat with him. Any questions you guys fancy to ask him ?

  2. Sounds like fun Lou-Phi! Wish I could join you. It would be awesome to tip a pint with Simon. 🙂

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