Looks To Get Women Outdoors!

The new non-profit organization called She Jumps is hoping to encourage more women to get involved with outdoors activities through the use of mentorships and coaching from other female athletes. To that end, the group has a put together an ambitious set of goals with the idea of promoting healthy lifestyles for women while pursuing their dreams. is quickly becoming the hub of an online community that offers suggestions for ways for ladies to “Jump In“, while also turning a spotlight on those that are already considered Jumpers. And looking ahead at the organization’s vision, it seems they have big plants for the future as well, adding online forums and blogs to help the community to grow.

But this is a group designed to encourage participation in the outdoors, and as such, many of their plans are aimed directly at doing just that. She Jumps hopes to find state and federal funds that can be used to fund initiatives for women’s sports, create programs to get women outside, and encourage responsible outdoor education and environmental awareness in both men and women. The program hopes to also push women to expand their comfort zones and chase their dreams no matter where they might lead.

This looks like a great initiative, and anything that encourages people, both men and women, to explore the outdoors more, is a good thing in my book. The outdoor enthusiast community tends to be dominated by men, for the most part, and it’s nice to see an organization that is dedicated to changing that to a degree.

Kraig Becker

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