WideWorld Updates Us On Katie Walter, Youngest To The South Pole

WideWorld Magazine has posted a brief follow-up on Katie Walter, the 17 year old British Girl who has part of the Shackleton’s Unfinished Journey Team that we followed over the past few weeks as they made their way to the South Pole. Upon finishing that expedition, Katie earned herself a spot in the record books, becoming the youngest person to ever ski to 90ºS.

The expedition kicked began at 88’23”ºS, the furthest south that famous explorer Ernest Shackleton traveled on his famous expedition back in 1909. Fearing the harsh conditions and dwindling supplies would cost lives, Shackleton turned back before he ever reached the Pole, but his expedition, led by Polar Challenge International, covered the remaining 112 miles for him, and earned Katie honors of her own.

According to the story from WideWorld, Katie and the rest of her team faced -30º F temperatures and altitude sickness as they made the journey in just ten days time, arriving at the South Pole on New Year’s Eve. The team has since departed Antarctica, having arrived back home in the U.K. this past weekend.

Kraig Becker

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