2010 Coastal Challenge Wraps Up In Costa Rica

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It was six very long, grueling, and challenging days for the athletes taking part in the 2010 Coastal Challenge, an annual test of endurance that takes place in Costa Rica. This year’s race took place along the northwest coast, which is dryer than other parts of the country, but offers rugged volcanic highlands, plenty of jungles and forests, and an array of scenic lakes for the competitors to run past.

The course was more than 200km in length, stretched out over six legs of varying length, that pushed the racers to the limit. Trail conditions varied from paved road to dirt trails, with just about everything in between. In the end though, this year’s race ended like the last few, with two-time defending champ Javier Montero of Costa Rica claiming his third consecutive win. Newcomer to the race Cesar Ortega, also of Costa Rica, took second, while Ty Stevens of the U.S. finished third in his first ever multi-day adventure race. Margaret Phillips of Canada finished first amongst the women in her first stage race as well.

For TCC Adventures, the organizers of the event, the Coastal Challenge is just the latest race in what is expected to be a very busy year. Next up, in April, they’ll host the Island Run in Panama, which will be another multi-stage race that will be run over three days. Then in September, it’s off to Bolivia for the Inca Run, a 160km, five-stage race, that takes place in the Cordillera Real mountain range of the Andes.

Congrats to all the competitors in the Coastal Challenge. It seems like it was an amazing race in a beautiful setting.
(Photo by J. Andres Vargas)

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