7 Scary Hikes Caught On Video

Travel blog Gadling.com, for which I’m a contributor, has a great post up today of 7 of the craziest, most dangerous hikes in the world. Each of the hikes on the list features some common denominators, namely they mix in a bit of altitude with a trail that is a bit on the dangerous side. But describing them wouldn’t do them much justice, so thankfully, each of them is caught on video, so we understand exactly why they earned the moniker of “crazy”.

A few of the hikes we’ve talked about here before, such as the El Caminito del Rey and Mount Hua in China. Others were completely new, but well deserving of making the list. One of the videos is embedded below so you have an idea of the level of scary we’re talking about here. This one is from the top of Winay Picchu, a peak that actually looks down on Peru’s famous Machu Picchu. The views look stunning, but watch that last step…

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “7 Scary Hikes Caught On Video”

  1. This is a great short hike but yes, it can be dangerous. You have to sign in with an attendant before heading up so they will know if you don't make it back down. Also, there is usually water coming down as hikers go up so it can be very slippery. To counter the water, there are heavy chains in very tricky areas so hikers can attempt to pull themselves up. Once you get to the top, if you are brave enough to finish, you find there is very little room and if others are up there, jumping around can be very unsettling.


  2. Well, I think I've just "done " Machu Picchu. No need to go all the way there just to look at some ruins :)…Dont't they have a tour bus, that brings you there ? instaed of hiking ?

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