Amazing Speed Riding Video!

I’ve posted a couple of speed riding videos in the past. It’s the crazy adventure sport that combines skiing and paragliding into one activity, and then sends the participants now impossibly steeps mountain slopes. The video below has that and more, with skier Antoine Montant hurling down a mountain, sometimes on his skies and sometimes floating through the air. The views are spectacular, and you have to watch until the end for a wipeout and tumble that look pretty scary. Fortunately, he was okay, but still…

Thanks for the video Lou-Phi!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Amazing Speed Riding Video!”

  1. This is a freakin amazing video and I watched slack jawed the entire time! Really outstanding what limits some people push themselves to. I work with, and I know it's not even in the same realm, but we have this really funny commercial airing during the Superbowl. It was leaked so I'm allowed to share it here with you now before anyone else sees it. Just wanted to give back something because that was amazing! haha

  2. yah the video is funny……. Its really amazing to watch ppl push to their limits….. i dont have it in me to try…:):):)

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