Antarctic Expedition Video

So you say you want to go to the South Pole huh? Wondering what it’s really like out there on the ice for days at a time? Then you’re going to enjoy this video, which comes to us courtesy of Eric Larsen and his Save The Poles Team who recently made the journey for themselves. In the video, you’ll get a real idea of what the Antarctic landscapes are all about (hint: white, barren, and featureless!) and you have a better appreciation for what these explorers go through to realize their dreams of standing at 90ºS. Judging from the video, all that white expanse may drive you slightly insane. At various times in the vid you’ll see Eric, along with teammates Dongsheng Liu and Bill Hanlon, playing football with a snowball, bowling in the snow, and dancing around their tent like madmen. All great stuff of course. 🙂

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Antarctic Expedition Video”

  1. Absolutely incredible!

    The elements there are unreal. My hat goes off to them.

    Fantastic video!

    Falk Custom Adventures

  2. I agree Derek. The video really does an amazing job of showing us what it's like down there.

    I still want to go. Badly! 🙂

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