Astronauts Tweeting Photos From Orbit

The International Space Station was recently upgraded to allow astronauts to begin using the built in wireless network for their own personal uses. Naturally, they went straight for Twitter, and started sending back tweets from orbit under the @NASA_Astronauts feed. Naturally, a number of their tweets revolve around the space program, life on the station, and so on, but they’ve also taken to sending back photos from orbit, some of which are quite stunning.

Take the two no this page for instance. The one on the right is of Mt. Kilimanjaro, as seen from orbit, while the one below is of Mt. Fuji, in Japan. Mashable has a few others, including a beautiful shot of the Maldives, that you can check out here. Amazing stuff. What does the view from your office window look like?

Kraig Becker

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