Climbing Everest, and the other Seven Summits, with MS

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Looking for a little inspiration on a Monday? Then look no further than the latest interview from Alan Arnette, who caught up with climber Lori Schneider to discuss her experiences in conquering the Seven Summits, and in the process, becoming the first person to do so with Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating disease that attacks the central nervous system.

In the interview, Alan asks Lori about how Everest impacted her life, the physical and mental demands of climbing the highest mountain on Earth, and her experiences with Alpine Ascents, who were her guides on the climb. Lori also offers insights into her training methods, the importance of a good Sherpa team, and her future plans as well.

As is usual with Alan’s interviews, this is a very good one, but as I mentioned early on, it’s also quite inspirational to. Lori not only became the first person with MS to reach the top of the Seven Summits, but also the first to summit Everest as well. That’s no small feat for anyone in perfect health, let alone someone suffering from that illness. Such an amazing story!

And speaking of Alan’s great Everest coverage, iPhone owners can now follow all the action through his new Everest App. It’ll have updates on where teams are as well as news from the mountain throughout the spring season, and should prove quite useful for us Everest junkies. You can grab it here. [iTunes Link]

Kraig Becker

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