ExWeb Is Back With A Spiffy New Look!

We talked about it a bit last week, but Explorers Web is now back online, with a site redesign, and some new features that will help keep us all up to date on current events in the adventure world.

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting ExWeb is that it has a nice, clean design that puts a lot of information right at your fingertips. There is a “latest news” section that gives you the most recent headlines across the entire site, whether it’s dealing with big mountains, polar expeditions, sailing the oceans, or what ever. The top story is prominently displayed on the page, with a larger photo than we’ve typically seen in the past, and the whole thing feels more well organized and laid out.

ExWeb publishers are promising more coverage of the stories we enjoy, offering stories on adventure travel, medicine, politics that effect adventurers, as well as opinion pieces, on top of the regular climbing, sailing and exploration coverage. Additionally, all the images on the site come with geo tags, which means you’ll be able to clicking a Google Maps link and see where the image was taken right in the map itself. We’ve also been promised refined search options, and the ability to share stories through Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social media. There are also new links for us to submit and contribute stories to the site as well.

The site went live yesterday, marking the 10th Anniversary of ExWeb, and it is the culmination of more than 400 programming hours to put all of this new design online. So far, I think it looks great and I like the new look. I’m sure it’ll make keeping up with all the stories much easier. I also like that they did away with some elements that were handled in Flash before, so the site looks good on my iPhone, and future iPad, as well. Thumbs up from me.

Kraig Becker

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