GPS In A Glove! Why? Why Not?

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Yesterday we had a sweet new camera that integrated a GPS chip into to track your location while filming. Today, we’ve got a new pair of gloves that do the same.

Zanier Gloves has recently announced their Xplore.XGX glove that will include a fully functional GPS chip, allowing skiers to track their speed, distance, and duration on the slopes, as well as altitude changes and route information. The gloves will also provide basic navigation as well, although I’d guess that means using waypoints and a digital compass. Don’t expect any kind of map integration. At least not on this year’s model.

The functionality of the gloves doesn’t end after you get back to the car either. You can plug them into your computer via USB and upload your data to the web to track your progress and plot your route on maps. You can even share the data from your latest ski expedition with your friends.

Aside from the high tech gadgetry that includes a screen with continually updated information the gloves look like a nice piece of gear. They’re made of Gore-Tex, and designed to be comfortable and warm, while still allowing us to get a solid grip on our ski poles or other gear that we need to grab.

Seems like we’re putting GPS into everything these days. Kind of a cool product, but I can’t help but think that a fully functional handheld GPS device might not be a better buy. With no release date or price set on the gloves just yet, it’s hard to know for sure, but I’m guessing these won’t be cheap.

Kraig Becker

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  1. that is a very good idea, to have GPS in a glove, sometimes you may lost your GPS but if you have your gloves on, you would not have to worry about it!

  2. You portrayed the topic well.. Especially the concluding paragraph and the mid section made a good read… keep posting…All the best.

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