High Tech Goggles Incorporate GPS, Camera, Kitchen Sink

Recon Instruments and Zeal Optics are joining forces to bring us the most high tech ski goggles you’ve ever seen. Dubbed the Transcend GPS Goggle, the new eyewear incorporates a GPS chip with a built in heads-up display to give you on the fly information about your current location, speed, altitude, and a whole lot more. Navigation is handled by a couple of buttons located on the side of the unit, and data can be saved and viewed on your computer, as well as uploaded to the Internet to compare and challenge friends.

According to the promo video below, the goggles will include a camera for capturing photos and video on the mountain, as well as navigational information such as trail maps and resort specific runs, information on traffic on the slopes, queues for the lifts, tracking your buddy’s location, and so much other stuff that even James Bond would be jealous.Reportedly, the goggles will be on sale on October 1st of this year, and you can pre-order now. The regular version will set you back $350, but for $100 more you can order a pair with lowlight and polarized lens.

Reading through the marketing info on the Transcend googles leaves you with a lot of questions. For instance, how does it feed all of that information to the googles themselves? Does it have bluetooth tethering to a smart phone or does it require its own data connection of some type? Obviously the GPS stuff is loaded on a chip, but real time updates on conditions on the mountain require something more. Still, these look really cool, and would be a lot of fun to play with. They certainly seem a lot nicer than those GPS gloves I wrote about last week.

Kraig Becker

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