National Geographic Adventure Blog Is Alive And Kicking!

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We all shared a collective moment of sadness when it was announced that National Geographic Adventure Magazine would cease to be published back in early December. At the time, they put out a press release saying that we hadn’t heard the last of Adventure, and that the “brand” would live on in other ways. That seemed like a lot of marketing spin back then, and while we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best, the outlook seemed grim, even as they said “goodbye for now“.

But, all is not a grim as it once seemed. Back at the beginning of February, the NG Adventure Blog sprung back to life with an update on the Everett Ruess Mystery, and how the DNA testing went wrong.

Since then, we’ve been getting a steady stream of good content from the blog, just like we did before the announcement that the print mag was going away. We’ve had stories on the top adventures to do while in Hawaii, a look at a sweet $10,000 bike (Yes, I want one!), and exciting things to do in British Columbia as the Olympics got underway. I especially found this story on a project to map the protected wild areas of Africa to be very fascinating and this story on efforts by paddlers to save fish on the Mekong had me wanting to hit the river in a kayak myself.

It’s great to see that one of my favorite websites had returned with some excellent content. While it’s not quite like having the print mag back, it is great to see the Adventure crew is putting together some good stories for those of us who have missed them.

Kraig Becker

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  1. So it's was no surprise that the hard copy print magazine died. We mourned its loss too but was is so refreshing to see is that the real driving force – the content creators and the will to produce interesting content lives on. Again, no surprise that the resurrection is in the form of a blog. Same impact, larger distribution, minimal cost. Welcome to publishing 3.0.

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