The Rest of Everest DVD Giveaway: Week 3 Winner!

dvd order
The winner of the Everest {the other side} DVD for the third week of the contest is David Adlard of Athol, Idaho. Congrats David. I’ll get the DVD out to you as soon as possible. A big thanks to everyone who entered this week.

I’ll launch the Week Four DVD give away later today or first thing tomorrow, when I’ll once again ask a question from this week’s episode of The Rest of Everest. So go watch the podcast, and enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of the Khumbu Valley as the team continues its trek up to Everest Base Camp. Then come back here to enter this week’s contest for a shot at another DVD.

And for everyone who entered the First Ascent/Summit on the Summit Jacket Giveaway, please be patient. I’ll be selecting a winner this morning, and contacting him or her directly, before passing on their contact information to the PR team so we can get the jacket sent out to you. I’ll then announce the winner here soon after that. Thanks and good luck to everyone! 🙂

Kraig Becker

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