The Rest of Everest Episode 129: The Ultimate Sacrifice

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Fans of The Rest of Everest are treated to another episode of the podcast this week, with Episode 129: The Ultimate Sacrifice being released last night. This episode gets us back on the trail and heading up to Base Camp in grand style.

The episode opens exactly where we left off last week. The team is actually on a bit of rest break after hiking through the morning, and the exhaustion is evident in their body language. The trekkers are hunched over while sitting on a rock, looking like they are in desperate need of some down time. Of course, that doesn’t come just yet, as their off on the trail once again soon there after.

Much of the rest of the episodes could be termed “scenes from the trail” as we get a variety of looks at the surrounding scenery as the team climbs further up the Khumbu Valley throughout the day. The skies remain a bit over cast, with low hanging clouds blocking much of the sun, but despite that, there is still plenty of shots of the Himalaya peeking through in the background.

Eventually, the trek team makes its way up to a memorial that is constructed to honor those that have perished on Everest. The monument is a small stupa covered in prayer flags, with smaller cairns around it made out of rocks stacked upon one another. The mood is a bit somber at that point of the trek, but the scenery is stunning, with high peaks looming over the area. The monument is a popular stopping point on the trek, and it clearly had an effect on the crew.

This is just a sample of what is in this episode. There is plenty of more to enjoy, so be sure to check out the video, either on the show’s website or subscribe to it directly in iTunes.

Kraig Becker

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