The Rest of Everest Episode 130: A True Living Legend

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Our virtual trek up to Everest Base Camp continues this week with the release of a new episode of The Rest of Everest. Episode 130, entitled A True Living Legend, puts us back on the trail on the Nepali side of the mountain, as the team climbs ever closer to their goal.

Early on in this episode we’re told by podcast creator Jon Miller that this particular show is a turning point in the series thus far. He teases us by saying that the episodes that are in the pipeline are amongst the best that he has ever worked on. Those are strong words considering the podcast has already covered a full Everest expedition, a journey through Tibet, and several expeditions to other Himalayan peaks.

Watching the episode, you’ll see that the trek has begun to take it’s toll on the team, who are now tired and feeling the effects of altitude and the cold weather. Fortunately for them, Base Camp is now in sight, and they’re only looking at a few more days of suffering ahead of them. Unlike recent episodes however, the weather has cleared, showing a deep blue sky and stunning views of the mountains that line the Khumbu Valley.

Midway through the episode, you find out why this one is called “A True Living Legend”. THe team bumps into Apa Sherpa on the trail, the man who holds the record for most successful summits on Everest. Jon conducts a good interview with Apa, who talks about what drives him to climb and why he returns to the mountain year after year, amongst plenty of other things. It’s a very cool moment in the history of the entire show.

Be sure to catch this week’s episode, either on the website or download it in iTunes, to get a great taste of what an Everest trek is like. And keep in mind, this is just the hike to BC, the climbers have a much bigger challenge still ahead of them.

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