The Rest of Everest Episode 131: High Peaks and High Aspirations

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After a week off from the regular release schedule, The Rest of Everest returns this week with another excellent episode chronicling a trek up to Everest Base Camp that took place last spring.

This episode is entitled High Peaks and High Aspirations, and it’s clear to see where that name comes from before the episode credits have even finished rolling. Stunning vistas are everywhere this time, including early shots of climbers going up Everest it self. They’re mostly seen as tiny dots in the distance, but it is beautiful none the less.

The views continue throughout the episode of course, as we continue the trek up the Khumbu Valley. The regular characters that we’ve been following along are continuing to suffer a bit from the altitude, but BC is now so close they can practically see it. Highlights of the episode include snow capped peaks in all directions, the melodic sounds of yak bells going up the trail, and more insights from the trekkers on what it is really like to be there. Considering I’m going myself soon, I don’t know if I should be excited or scared! 🙂

Catch all of the Rest of Everest episodes on the website or in iTunes. Week in and week out it is consistently great stuff.

Kraig Becker

10 thoughts on “The Rest of Everest Episode 131: High Peaks and High Aspirations”

  1. Hey, John C. from The Rest of Everest here. Glad you're enjoying the current season, we're certainly having fun making it!

    Be excited, not scared. Don't listen to all of our grumbling about the discomfort. Bunch of whiners! Go back to my interview with Chris in episode 125, that sums it up pretty well. The "bad stuff" is such a minor part of the overall experience, much of it is completely forgotten. And certainly overwhelmed by how amazing the region is.

    Oh, the yak bells. If there's one sound that defines the atmosphere there, it's the yak bells. Just hearing them instantly takes me back. One of my only regrets from the trek is that I didn't buy a yak bell to bring home with me. Thankfully, Jon has promised to pick one up for me when he's there this spring. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the not e John, nice to hear for you you. The words of encouragement are welcome too. I'm not too nervous about the trek, but still want to be prepared to handle the altitude as best as I can. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing experience, and watching your trek last year is only reinforcing that thought.

    Guess I should bring a yak bell back with me huh? 🙂

  3. Hello i'm new on your board but i cant read correctly a message. Bug in you site ? Thanks you

  4. Hi John, thanks for the advice with the yak bell! It's a good idea to bring one to remember the "Sound of the Himalaya".

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