Sir Ranulph Fiennes Doesn’t Leave Home Without His Goldfish

I came across this video at The Adventure Life and thought that it was well worth sharing. The short film was animated by the British Foreign Office and the words were written, and are read, by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who has been called the “World’s Greatest Living Explorer”. In the video, Sir Ran is off on one of his many adventurers, and he gives us a bit of insight into what it is like to be on a polar expedition, something that he is intimately aware. As is common on such expeditions, disaster strikes, and in the end, the explorer is saved by his “Goldfish”.

For those who aren’t familiar with Sir Ranulph’s resume, here’s a few highlights. The former British SAS Officer specialized in demolitions before embarking on a career as an explorer and adventurer. He has run the length of the White Nile, in a hovercraft no less. He’s also explored the Jostedalsbreen Glacier in Norway, made a solo attempt on the North Pole, and completed a North-South Circumnavigation of the planet, visiting both Poles in the process. He has also discovered a lost city in Oman, climbed the Eiger, and reached the summit of Everest at the age of 65. He also famously cut of his own frostbitten fingers rather than wait for them to heal on their own as the doctors suggested. In short, he’s a legend, and his autobiography, Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know is quite a good read.

Kraig Becker

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  1. LOL! Yeah, he's a complete badass. Apparently, the docs were going to amputate anyway, but they wanted him to wait until they healed a bit first. The pain of healing from frostbite is said to be very bad, so rather than wait, he did it himself.

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