2010 Iditarod Begins Tomorrow!

800px Robert Sorlie and Iditarod team near Nome
The 2010 Iditarod will get underway tomorrow with the ceremonial start in Anchorage, Alaska. There is a deep and experienced field of 71 mushers set to hit the trail for the 38th annual running of this event that is called “The Last Great Race”, and is legendary the world over for its challenges.

With the ceremonial start out of the way, the true race will begin on Sunday from Willow, where the drivers, and their amazing sled dogs, will set off for Nome, some 1161 miles away. Being an even numbered year, the teams will take the Northern Route this season, which means they’ll pass through the remote villages of Cripple, Ruby, Galena, and Nulato along their way to the finish line, with traditional checkpoints in places like Rainy Pass, Rhon, McGrath, Ophir, and many others making their annual appearances as well.

The 1100+ mile course will take anywhere from 10-20 days to complete, depending on conditions out on the trail. The race is quite the test of endurance for both the mushers and their dogs, as they face howling winds, challenging mountain passes, blizzards, and white out conditions. Winners receive a cut of the purse, which varies from year to year, and a new pick-up truck, which comes in pretty handy in Alaska.

The top mushers to watch in the year’s race include three time defending champ Lance Mackey, who remains the best bet to win. Past champions Jeff King, Mitch Seavey and Martin Buser always remain threats to take it all, and of course, there always seems to be young, hungry challenger lurking in the pack.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Kraig do you have an email for news tips and so on?
    As youll find eventually, no media will dare report a correction on Kellogg. The AAC though is now fully inquiring and will provide an accurate report – though, they will never do a correction/retraction article. This is how it goes. The media actually supports deceiving the public. Alpinist.com for example was deceptive, even though they did report he did not summit (absolutely did not summit) – but their article leads readers to think he did. This is how it goes. Many layers of dishonesty. Some media are also personally connected to Kellogg, even the Tacoma Tribune eg Craig Hill reporter.
    Fact he didn't summit.
    AAC seniors who in fact know this are John Harlin and Phil Powers
    john johnharlin net
    ppowers americanalpineclub org
    Please write them to be informed. You'd probably be the only media to ever cover this. Months will go by and nothing. We called ExWeb and they hung up on us and first yelled at us "we don't know what you're talking about" "just email us" "thank you" slam.
    Physically disgusting: Kellogg (1998-2010)

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