22nd Annual Rhodes Trail Run Accepting Applications

The 2010 Rhodes Trail Run may still be several months off, but those interested in running the iconic long-distance off-road race in South Africa may want to get their entries in soon. Personal invitations for the event went out last week, and slots are already being filled for this amazing race that should be on the radar of any endurance runner.

The race is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 3rd, beginning and ending in the hamlet of Rhodes, South Africa. Covering a distance of 52km (28 miles), the course will wind its way through remote and challenging terrain that would put any trail runner to the test in the best of conditions.

The Rhodes Trail Run is rarely held under the “best of conditions.” Weather is a frequent threat during the event, with high winds, icy trails, and snow a possibility throughout.

If the weather wasn’t enough of a challenge, however, runners would have to consider the altitude as well. The race begins at 1800m (5905 feet) and goes as high as 2680m (8793 feet), with the average altitude sitting at about 2560m (8399 ft).

That’s some serious altitude gain over the course of the run, and athletes should be prepared to deal with that as they go. To help ensure that runners are ready, the event organizers have put together some training tips that may come in handy.

So? Who wants to go to South Africa this summer to compete in a really tough but amazing race? And I say “summer” because I live in the Northern Hemisphere. From the looks of the conditions on the course during the event, it would be anything but “summer” while we’re running. Seems like a very cool race if any of you endurance athletes are looking for a new challenge.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Nice post, its sound really adventure tour. I haven't Rhodes trail run however I really love adventure tour. It is rising in popularity and is enjoyed throughout the world thus I will be there soon…

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