Ian Adamson Interviewed by CheapTents.com

ian adamson adventure racer
Ian Adamson is considered one of the best adventure racers of all time, and his resume in the sport is practically unmatched. He has competed in, and won, such legendary races as Eco-Challenge, Primal Quest, The Raid Gauloises, and many more. Ian also holds the record for endurance kayaking, covering 262 miles in just 24-hours time. Recently, the multi-sport legend sat down with CheapTents.com for an interview, touching on a myriad of topics.

In the interview, Ian talks about where he received his inspirations for adventure, which began at a young age, thanks to his parents. As a youngster in Australia he began sailing at a young age, then flew off to Europe when he was 17 to go backpacking. From there, he sailed the Great Barrier Reef, trekked across China and Tibet at the age of 20, and proceeded to explore southern Asia, North Africa, and beyond.

As the interview proceeds, Adamson gives the details on his biggest sport achievement, his biggest weakness, and when he felt like he had actually “made it” in the sport of adventure racing. He also discusses what he finds satisfying about training, the worst injury he’s ever suffered, and a whole lot more, including what he’s been up to since he retired a few years back, and what he’s got planned for the future, which includes running the Badwater later this year.

For fans of adventure racing, this is an excellent interview, and it was great to catch up with Ian. I’ve never had the good fortunate to meet him, but he’s always been one of the racers that I’ve admired the most, and it’s good to see that he is still very much active in the endurance sports activities.

Kraig Becker