iPhone App Identifies “Peaks”

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Ever since the iPhone 3GS was released last year, there has been a growing number of “augmented reality” apps. These apps combine the iPhone’s camera, with it’s built in GPS and compass and always on data connection, to overlay information about places around you in real time. In some of these AR apps you can point them down the street, and they’ll tell you what restaurants are in your area and even guide you directly to them.

Thanks to the gang over at Outdoors Magic, I’ve been introduced to a new app called Peaks (iTunes Store Link) that takes this formula and applies it to identifying mountains, and apparently with the release of the 2.0 version of the app, it now works worldwide.The new version also adds more mapping capabilities, a connection to Twitter, and more.

To get an idea what Augmented Reality is, and exactly how this app works, check out the video below. Looks pretty cool, and would be awesome while trekking in the Himalaya. Provided you can get a data connection all the way out there. Anyone tried this? Does it work as advertised?

Peaks 2.0 from Augmented Outdoors on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I have never try out just an application but the review of @Sukumar can't wait to use out these application…

  2. These apps combine the iPhone's camera, with it's built in GPS and compass .It was incredible features of iphone.

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