North Pole 2010: Catlin Arctic Survey Gears Up Again!

Remember the Catlin Arctic Survey Team from last year? It consisted of Brits Pen Hadow, Martin Hartley, and Ann Daniels, who spent weeks in the Arctic taking core ice samples and recording the thickness of the pack to determine the effects of global climate change on the healthy of the region. The team never made it to the Pole, as they had originally intended, but did gather plenty of important data for their study none the less.

Now, the 2010 Catlin Team, is getting ready to head out once again. They are currently in Resolute Bay, where they are going through all of their gear and prepping for their departure. This year, Hadow will stay behind and serve as the projectโ€™s director, while Daniels, Hartley and new addition Charlie Paton go out to take the measurements and collect the data.

This time out, there will actually be two teams focused on measuring the effects of carbon dioxide on the Arctic Ocean. One team, consisting of a group of scientists, will set up an Ice Base, where they will observe and record data. Meanwhile, the Explorers Team, consisting of Daniels, Hartley, and Paton, will make a 500km journey to the Geographic North Pole, collecting more samples as they go.

There is no word yet as to when they will depart, but it should be in the next few days, as there has been a backlog of explorers in Resolute Bay thanks to the recent weather conditions there. You can follow the updates from the team on their blog, where they are currently discussing gear prep, the differences between the two teams, and the amount of calories theyโ€™ll be consuming.

Kraig Becker

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