Outside Coming To The iPad!

There aren’t a lot of details on this yet, but there is an interesting post today on the Outside Blog that proclaims that Outside Magazine is headed to the iPad, the latest wonder gadget from Apple.

Last night during the Oscars, the first iPad commercial debuted (watch it below), and last week it was announced that it would begin appearing in stores on April 3rd. The thin, lightweight device has a 10″ screen and will run a multitude of apps, while also serving as an e-book reader. Since it was announced at the end of January, a number of publishers have declared their intentions of having their magazines and books published on the device, some with very interesting “enhanced” versions. While there is no word as to when the iPad edition of Outside will appear, or if it will differ from the print version in any way, we are told that we’ll soon be able to “read the magazine anywhere, without having to worry about where you left your paper copy.”

The first commercial for the iPad offers a quick look at some of the things the device is capable of. But for a better idea, check out the second video below. It show off some books that are coming soon from Penguin Books, and just how they will be enhanced on the platform. It gives you a small glimpse as to why people are very excited about these new devices, which are so much more than just a “bigger iPhone”. Personally, I can’t wait to use an iPad when I travel. I think it has huge potential as a multi-use device.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “<i>Outside</i> Coming To The iPad!”

  1. Magazines and travel guides are 2 areas where I think the iPad could really shine. I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin.

  2. Agreed on both accounts Carl. I think Apps designed specifically for the iPad will have some great functionality.

    I'll be pre-ordering mine on Friday.

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