The Rest of Everest Episode 132 and 133: Catching Up WIth The Trek

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The Rest of Everest video podcast continues to give us an inside look at the trek to Everest Base Camp, with two more great episodes for fans of the show, and potential trekkers. One of these episodes was released late last week, and the other earlier today, so I’m just now getting the chance to watch the two videos.

The first episode is Episode 132: An Unbelievable Base Camp Surprise. As you can tell by the title of the episode, the team, or what’s left of it, arrives in BC, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and the Khumbu Icefall. The original trekking group has been whittled down quite a bit, with only Rest of Everest producer Jon Miller, along with Steve Beatty, Jeff Coe and John Coleman actually completing the trek up the mountain. While in BC, Jon makes a phone call home to his mom, who is actually one of the guests on this week’s show, weighing in with her thoughts on these crazy adventures. For those that did make the trek all the way to BC, it is a mixture of relief, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment. Long time fans of the show will also be happy to see the return of Dawa, who played in integral role in the original episodes of the podcast.

The latest episode is #133: Meanwhile in Kala Patthar, which shows us what the rest of the crew, the ones who didn’t trek up to base camp, were doing while the others hung out in BC, and caught their breath. Unlike in the previous video, the weather has cleared, and with spectacular blue skies over head, the mountains offer up the amazing views you would expect when you’re above 17,500 feet. The show, as usual, continues to demonstrate why it is “an almost unabridged” look at what it takes to climb Everest with a demonstration of how to use a pee bottle as well.

Great episodes that both show the culmination of all the hard work to get up to EBC. While the trek isn’t over yet, as they have to get back down the mountain, this is what we’ve all been waiting to see.

Kraig Becker

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