Runner Attempts Solo, Unsupported Crossing of the U.S.

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Long distance endurance runner Abe Clark is attempting to make a solo and unsupported run across the United States, covering 2860 miles in 136 days without a support vehicle following along. Like a number of other adventures we’ve seen in recent months, he’s making this epic run in an effort to raise awareness for the growing global need for clean drinking water. Abe is also concentrating his fund raising efforts for the Living Water International organization.

Abe has already been out on the road for more than month, having started in Oceanside, California. He is now on his 33rd day, and has run all the way to Bloomfield, New Mexico. He’s been keeping a running tally of his daily destinations on his blog, recording his mileage and keeping us informed of what his experiences were like out on the road that day. On his “light” days, Abe is running 10-15 miles, but most days it is more like 25-40, depending on location and conditions.

If successful in his run, Abe will become the 12th person to run coast-to-coast across the U.S. His route is meant to take him through the American Southwest, and then eventually into the Heartland before proceeding on to the East Coast. At the moment, he has the entire schedule mapped out, just in case you want to see if he’s coming through your neighborhood. But the website also notes that he is 2+ days ahead of schedule at the moment. If the original schedule holds up, Abe plans to be in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and touch the Atlantic Ocean, by June 30th of this year.

Good luck on the rest of your journey Abe, and thank to Josh for sending this my way!

Kraig Becker