Seven Ribbons Foundation Sets Sights on Seven Summits!

800px Mount Kilimanjaro
I frequently mention the Seven Summits around here. It’s one of the top achievements in the adventure world, and a lofty goal for anyone. The concept is fairly simple. Reach the summit of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, although there is some debate over Australia vs. Oceania, which usually leads to climbers going up eight mountains rather than seven.

I recently came across an organization called the Seven Ribbons Foundation, which is an International charity that has made it their goal to to place a pink ribbon, representing the fight against breast cancer, on each of the Seven Summits. The goals of the Seven Ribbons Foundation are simple. Inspire those with breast cancer to beat the disease, work to prevent the disease from spreading by promoting early detection and generate awareness of breast cancer through the Seven Summits climbs

Checking out the organization’s blog, it appears that they have only recently begun their campaign. In fact, I don’t believe they’ve even climbed their first peak yet, which means we can follow along as they go through the process of preparing and tackling each of the mountains. They are currently hoping to begin this June, when they travel to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro.

Another great series of climbs for another great cause. Good luck to the entire team as they get started on this amazing adventure.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Seven Ribbons Foundation Sets Sights on Seven Summits!”

  1. Nice post and thanks for sharing with us. I really appreciate Seven Ribbons foundation's work. Nowadays many people are aware about it. During the traveling health is most important because if you ill during traveling so, I think you can’t able to enjoy the travel events.

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  2. I participated in the Seven Ribbons first climb – Kilimanjaro – with the foundations founder. He has an amazing drive and a heart of gold. I hope to join him next summer for the Mt. Elbrus climb.

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