Top 10 Great Backpacking Destinations

top backpacking destinations
Are you looking for new destinations to take an international backpacking trip this year? Then Off Track Planet has just the list for you, naming their selections for the Top 10 Backpacking Destinations for 2010. The list is meant to inspire young travelers to visit unique places that offer more than your typical Spring Break fare, but the list has something to offer anyone who is searching for new destinations to explore.

Rather than simply counting down the destinations as is typical with these kinds of list, Offtrack offers their selections by category. For instance, under the heading of “Cheapest” they recommend Cambodia, recommending it not only for it’s inexpensive options, but the fact that it is far less crowded than similar destinations, such as Thailand. For the best “Sightseeing” they give the nod to Italy for its rich history and numerous attractions, and in their “Adventurous” category they recommend the HImalaya, saying take your pick between Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Other categories include ” Nightlife”, “Best Art Scene”, and “Nature Filled”, giving this list a very broad appeal to a lot of different travelers. Their selection for “Overall” best destination goes to Colombia, which has become a popular adventure travel destination again following years of high crime and deadly gang warfare. It seems to have bounced back onto the travel radar once again, allowing safe access to foreign visitors once again.

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