The Adventure Life Weighs In On Jordan Romero

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The Adventure Life has a very thoughtful piece on Jordan Romero today that is a must read for those who have been following his adventures on Everest. For those that haven’t, Jordan is a 13-year old American who is attempting to climb the highest peak on the planet at the moment, amidst both cheers and grumbles from the mountaineering community.

As the article points out, if Jordan is successful in his venture, he’ll likely come home a hero, and have the ability to parlay the achievement into television appearances, gear sponsorships, and book deals. But if something should happen to him, knock on wood, the resulting controversy would reach far and wide, to say the least. As Drew Simmons, the author of this piece, says “Because the only thing that attracts more flies than a mountaineering tragedy is a failure in parenting. Add them together. Mix vigorously. Serve cold.”

I’ve gone on record a number of times here on how I feel about the affair, and this article echos my thoughts precisely. I’m not in favor of this movement in the outdoor community to set new records for the youngest to achieve something, especially as those attempting these feats have changed from young men and women to simply boys and girls. But not being a parent myself, it is difficult for me to imagine what it is like for the mothers and fathers of these kids. The article discusses those points as well, and gives some insights into that subject.

By all accounts, Jordan is doing well on the mountain thus far. He, and the rest of his team, which includes his father, will be moving up to Camp 2 and 3 to set supply caches soon. All part of standard acclimatization process as they prepare for a mid-May summit bid. Though I don’t agree with a boy being there, I do with them all luck, and a safe climb.

Kraig Becker

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