Celebrate Earth Day With Free Planet Earth Episode Download

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As many of you know, we’re quickly approaching the 40th annual Earth Day, which is coming up on April 22nd. To celebrate, the BBC is bringing their ground breaking series Planet Earth to iTunes, and they’re offering up the first episode for free!

Long time fans, and new comers to the series, can download the first show, entitled “Pole to Pole” between April 12th and the 26th for no charge. Each of the other 10 episodes are available for $2.99 each, making it an affordable way to digitally collect your favorite episodes or grab the entire series, which was filmed over the span of four years, with 71 different cameramen amounting to 2000 man-hours of work. Anyone who has already seen the show knows the level of quality that these episodes hold and the amazing footage they captured.

Planet Earth is one of the best nature documentaries you’ll ever see, and I highly recommend it if you haven’t already seen it. I watched it when it originally aired here in the U.S. and bought it on BluRay too. I’m tempted to grab it for my iPad as well, as it is definitely something that I can watch over and over again. The free episode, Pole to Pole, is one of my favorites as well, and it does a great job of setting up the entire series.

Be sure to at least grab the free episode next week when you can. It’ll definitely be worth your time.

Kraig Becker

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