Chad Kellogg To Attempt Speed Ascent On Everest

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I’m sure I’m going to regret posting this at some point, as the anti-Chad Kellogg brigade begins their invasion, but it’s still news of an important climb on Everest this year, so I’m going to risk it none-the-less.

A few days back, climber Chad Kellogg left for Kathmandu, where he will begin preparing for a daring speed attempt on Mt. Everest. Kellogg will be climbing on the South Side of the mountain, in Nepal, and expects to spend the next month and a half preparing. During that time, he’ll be scouting the route, establishing gear and food caches, and acclimatizing before he makes the summit bid sometime around mid-May.

Kellogg’s goal is to make the trip to the summit in under 30 hours, and he also intends to go without supplemental oxygen and without Sherpas, which give this climb an even more interesting challenge and edge.

Those of us following along at home can get updates to the climb via the Veritculture website for the Everest Quest. Chad is sponsored in this endeavor by Outdoor Research, a company whose gear I’ve been very impressed with, and that has outfitted me with some good items to take to Nepal as well.

As for the Anti-Chad brigade, please save your e-mails and comments. I’m aware of the arguments for and against this guy and don’t need to be reminded. Thanks anyway!

Kraig Becker

13 thoughts on “Chad Kellogg To Attempt Speed Ascent On Everest”

  1. I'm not anti-Chad, just pro-truth. It simply isn't a solo ascent when you are on the same route as hundreds of other climbers, following in their boot steps, using their fixed lines and ladders and ultimately relying on their help if the shit hits the fan. He may not be hiring Sherpas but he's certainly using sherpa support. Now do this ascent on the West Ridge or any other non-trade route and it would be more than a publicity stunt.

  2. Won't disagree with you on that point Clyde. For my money, there has been only one truly solo ascent of the mountain, and that was done by Reinhold.

  3. what's the big deal-haven't two sherpas done it much faster-please, correct me but didn't babu chiri do it much quicker a few years ago?

  4. This is definitely classified as a solo ascent. Having other people on the mountain makes it more safe, and the Sherpa's fixed the route so it's easier, but all that is common in most solo climbing.

    The real issue is Chad has to quit screwing around, and accurately document whatever he does. He's been accused of cheating/lying; I have no idea of the veracity of those claims, but that is partially Chad's fault. People can do whatever they want, and not tell a soul, but as soon as you seek publicity and claim a record, then you really need to be able to prove it. Chad can easily put his critic to rest by clear documentation.

    On another note, I would be shocked if he could best the Sherpa record. The Injie (white person) record is in reach though.

  5. Chad needs to keep control of his own timing, keeping it in his own hands at all times. He can't afford to have others time him.
    And please be warned, most of his claims are for climbs done in near total secrecy, solo, and often mostly at night. At most, some people see him at some limited locations.
    He needs this. Why? It's clear why. To contrive what he wants.


    Chad Kellogg ''records''.
    He is a civil criminal in the climbing community.
    Due to his high dishonesty.
    How does he get away with it?
    He'll do this Everest speed climb alone, in the dark, solo, and will state Spot Tracker GPS timed him and will tamper with the GPS to make up a fraudulent time.

  7. It will be difficult to go up Everest un-observed. There are too many people on the mountain, and I have no idea how he could tamper with GPS or a SPOT, other than turning it off.

    Why don't we let the guy make his climb and see what becomes of it. I know there are people out there who really have it in for him, and clearly have an axe to grind, but there are other places to voice those issues and I"ll report on things when there is more legitimate information.

  8. '''It will be difficult to go up Everest un-observed.''''

    Pemba Dorji who claimed time 8:10 minutes from base to summit. People saw him start. After that, no one above Camp II. No one at summit. No one in descent. Much was done in dark.
    Great dispute against Pemba.
    Months later he was jailed for involvement in kidnapping scheme.


    GPS data (uploaded to computer) can be altered as one wishes. Chad will surely send the computer data to media as 'proof'. Rather than give his GPS unit to the media (or whoever?). They take advantage of how no one governs this sport. He's nearly criminal right?

  9. If he's using a SPOT, he can be tracked as he goes. He's also sent out press releases and the climb is being highly publicized.

    I hope he's not only successful, but he does us the SPOT and is well documented at every stage, just so it'll shut a lot of people up on the topic.

  10. Hi,
    Pemba's climb was high publicized Too. Yet fradulunt. No summit witness. No summit photo. No one sees him above Camp2. No one sees him descend. No one observe his exact finish (dark, everyone sleeping).

    I also hope. Hope he's caught for Denali, Rainier, Khan Tengri. Maybe the greatest modern mountaineering fraud in history/

    ALso he a dirty politician. Friends in media (Craig Hill, Skip Card, Tacoma News Tribune), Mike Gauthier. Read please

  11. I know the allegations, and this post is already heading where I didn't want it to go. Take the comments elsewhere please.

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