Want To Become An Eco Hero?

A new web/social networking site called Eco Heroes is nearing completion and will launch soon, that asks us each to do our part to help the environment on a daily basis, while sharing our experiences with other, in hopes that we’ll inspire one another to be more eco-friendly and conscious of our impact on the world around us.

Spearheaded by Eco Hero Roz Savage, the site will be equal parts social networking and environmental initiative, wrapped up in a fun, colorful wrapper that even has some game elements attached. Each day, members of the site will sign in and share their good environmental deed, which can in turn be linked to Twitter so you can let all your friends and followers know as well. Your “Green Deeds” can be submitted to the site via your Twitter account, by e-mail, or by logging in directly. The creators of Eco Heroes are also promising a dedicated iPhone app in the near future as well, allowing you to boast of your deeds while on the go.

Once submitted to the site, other members can give your actions a thumbs up or thumbs down, indicating how much they like your actions, but more importantly you can earn points based on your Green Deeds, which will unlock special merit badges that you can use to show off your commitment towards protecting the environment and the actions you’ve done to stand behind that commitment. The site will also recognize Eco Heroes of the Week and award prizes as well.

Right now, if you go to the Eco Heroes website, there isn’t much to see. You can sign up for an account, but after that you’ll have to wait for notification that the site has officially opened. The launch is expected sometime around April 17th, which not-so-coninsidently is the projected start date of Roz’s final leg of her trans-Pacific Row. This time out, she’ll be departing from Tarawa and rowing the remaining distance to Australia. it’s going to be one last epic leg of what has already been an amazing journey.