World’s Best Trekking Destinations

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Rich McCharles of BestHike Blog fame pointed out a great article from that lists the World’s Best Trekking and Hiking Destinations. While we see such lists on a semi-regular basis, this one deserves a tip of the hat for picking a number of places that are still of the radar for many travelers. Even more surprising, is that there isn’t a Himalayan country in sight.

Some of the destinations that make OpenTravel’s list include Alaska, here in the U.S., which is well know for its rugged wilderness and remote mountain ranges, and Iceland, which already has a strong reputation for having great trekking, and is a regular on these types of lists. But moving off the beaten path some, they recommend that you visit Kazakhstan, Slovakia, and Tajikistan for some of the best hiking around with trails that remain largely unknown to outsiders.

All of the locations on the list have great options when it comes to taking hikes, either short or long. But they are also stunningly beautiful landscapes, mixed with unique cultures as well. Two of the destinations are in the U.S. with two more in South America, and the bulk of the remaining recommendations are found in Eastern Europe, which I’ve heard from friends has great trekking all around.

I always welcome new suggestions for great destinations. Looks like we all have a few more to add to our list.

Kraig Becker

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