World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat Preps To Set Sail

The world’s largest solar powered boat was put into the water yesterday, and will begin trial runs tomorrow, in preparation for a circumnavigation attempt in 2011 that will be completely powered by the sun.

The PlanetSolar is a two-hulled, catamaran style ship that measures 102 feet in length and is 50 feet wide. The top portion of the boat is covered in solar cells, in an array that is 5400 square feet in size, making this the most ambitious, and eco-friendly, ship of its kind.

In April of 2011, Skipper Raphael Domjan will make an attempt to sail around the globe in his spiffy new ship, with the entire voyage powered by the sun. Until then however, he’ll be putting the boat through its paces on a number of test runs.

Kraig Becker

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