Helps You Plan Your Next Escape

trip image 2290 213SLIDESHOW 142933 is a new website that has just been launched with the intention of helping you discover new locations for your own personal adventures and to assist in planning on getting to those locations. The site has replaced the former GorpTravel page, which has now been revamped to be a one-stop shop for adventure travelers everywhere.

The site designed to make comparison shopping for active, adventure vacations, easier than ever. The site has a clean, and simple look about it, and offers search tools, as well as the ability to view your options based on location, activity, or even who the trip is designed for. For example, under the “Who’s Going” menu, you can search for trips that are designated for families, solo travelers, adults, and so on. These options help you to quickly narrow down your selections and view just the tours that fit your needs.

Once you have selected your search criteria, you’re quickly presented with the tour options from some some of the best adventure travel companies in the world. You’ll get descriptions of the tours, prices, and so on. From there, you can review the ones that fit your needs, and even book the trip that works best with your schedule and pocketbook.

And if you’re not really sure where you want to go, AdventureFinder has some great suggestions right on the home page. Their “Top Picks” definitely have some good options for new or experienced adventure travelers, with current suggestions including a Kilimanjaro climb and safari, river rafting on the Salmon River, and visits to Iceland, volcano be damned!

Add AdventureFinder to your favorites today, and use it as a resource the next time you’re planning an escape.

Kraig Becker