Dave Hahn On ‘How Much Is Too Much’

This video may be 6 months old, but it seems highly appropriate at the moment, considering mountain guide Dave Hahn, the subject of the 9 minute clip, has just summitted Everest for the 12th time, extending his record for a non-Sherpa.

The video was created at the Serac Adventure Film School and features Dave talking about the subject of how much is too much in terms of climbing the highest mountain on the planet. He tells us that for him, it is his job, and he approaches it that way, and that he doesn’t want to keep going up, and then one day find that he’s too old to effectively, and safely climb Everest. He hopes to retire from guiding right before that happens.

He also shares his thoughts on a number of other topics throughout the video. Definitely a must watch for fans of mountaineering, and offers some good insights into Dave’s character as well.

Thanks to The Adventure Chronicles for reminding us of this one.

How Much Is Too Much from Serac Adventure Films on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Dave Hahn On ‘How Much Is Too Much’”

  1. Thanks for re-posting that and mentioning us, Adventure Chronicles. 😉 The Video is very appropriate for this week in Alpine News.
    Cheers and Happy everyone is at base camp safe.

  2. My pleasure, as always. 🙂

    And I agree. Glad that there have been few fatalities or other issues this year.

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