Men’s Journal Interviews Eric Larsen

We’ve been following explorer Eric Larsen and his Save the Poles Expedition for months now, but he is starting to get more mainstream attention as well. For example, Eric was recently interviewed for Men’s Journal following his successful journey to the North Pole, which puts him two-thirds of the way toward achieving his goal.

You’ll probably recall that Larsen has set quite the busy year for himself as he attempts to become the first person to visit both the North and South Pole, as well as the summit of Everest, in the same calendar year. He reached the South Pole in early January, and the North in April. That leave just Everest to conquer, which he’ll attempt in the fall season. But the Save The Poles Expedition isn’t just about the adventure, as he hopes to raise awareness about global climate change and the effects it is having on these fragile environments.

In the Men’s Journal interview Eric discusses such topics as what changes he has seen at the Poles that can be attributed to global warming and how those changes will impact future polar exploration. He also talks about the rigors of his arctic expeditions and what it does to his body, and touches a bit on his plans for Everest. He will be leaving for the Himalaya at the end of August as expected.

While the interview is a bit brief, it always interesting, and sometimes depressing, to read how these extreme environments are changing. Clearly Eric has a unique perspective, having already gone to both poles in the past few months, so it is is a bit sobering when he predicts that a North Pole expedition might be impossible in 15 years, as the ice caps break-up and become even more unstable. Sad news indeed.

Kraig Becker

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