More Climbing, and Falling With Dean Potter

A few days back I posted a video of Dean Potter free climbing the Eiger and using a BASE jumping parachute as his safety net. Today we have another video of Dean, this time mixing in a bunch of his passions, including rock climbing, BASE jumping, slack lining, and so on. A word of warning though, there are some amazing shots of Dean climbing, but also some scary drops too. I’m just glad he decided using the β€˜chute!

Also, after watching this, does anyone else want to know the story between Potter and the cop that takes place part way though? Very interesting! πŸ™‚

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on β€œMore Climbing, and Falling With Dean Potter”

  1. Pretty amazing stuff.

    Most of the Cop run-on's Ive had when im on a journey end up with the cop realizing he's an idiot.

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