National Geographic Comes To The iPad!

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I haven’t written a lot about my love for the iPad yet, although you’re bound to hear plenty about it in the future. I took Apple’s wonderful new device with me on my trip to Nepal, and can assure you that it is the perfect travel companion. It is lightweight, very easy and intuitive to use, and has a battery that lasts a very long time. Couple that with some great apps and outstanding media capabilities, and you have quite the powerful device. I have already loaded up my 64GB WiFi version with music, videos, photos, games, and more. I’ve even used the wonderful iBook Store to purchase some books to read on my iPad. About the only thing that I haven’t done, was subscribe to one of the new enhanced editions of magazines that have begun to appear on the device. That changed yesterday however, when I received an e-mail announcing the National Geographic Interactive Edition.

This new version of Nat. Geo. comes courtesy of Zinio, who have been leading the way in online publishing of magazines for some time. This new Interactive Edition of the magazine offers all of the same content, including all the stories and great photos, plus new elements that can only be done on a computer or iPad. For instance, the latest issue includes video, slideshows, extra photos, and interactive maps. It is a very cool use of multimedia and new technology.

While you can enjoy the National Geographic Interactive Edition on a PC, it is an even better experience on the iPad thanks to the touch interface. You do need to use the Zinio App to gain access, but that is a free download and offers you other magazines as well. The best part is that this electronic version of National Geographic is just $15 for 12 issues, and you can carry it around with you everywhere on your shiny new device. And because it doesn’t use any paper, it’s good for the environment too.

So what other magazine’s are doing a good job on the iPad? What am I missing out on?

Kraig Becker

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  1. Renato:

    I'm guessing they're still working out the distribution rights for other countries at this point. The iPad has just gone on sale in the past few day on an International level, and they're probably working out the details on how they can get it into the International app stores.

  2. IPad is not intended to replace computer in’s however does a lot of things which a computer does and surprisingly it does better and faster.Ipad is an amazing invetion from apple.Its has many flaws and drabacks too.Apple should consider those things.It doesnt have camera even.I was shopping for ipad on online shopping when i came acros with different blogs.Do check it out for many other products.Ipad and blackberry books are both the same.Blackberry book comes with many new feature while ipad lacks sum functions.

  3. Wow that's great, I love Geagraphic channel, it's very educational. I don't have an ipad but would love to have similar education apps on it when I get one; maybe next year or so 🙂

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