Steps To The Summit – Step 1: Learn About Yourself

A few days back I posted an introduction to a great series of videos put together by the Hanesbrand team called Steps To The Summit which highlight the lessons they have learned as they prepared to climb the Mt. Everest this spring. Today, I have the first of those videos, which is, appropriately enough, an important first step towards reaching that goal.

The video, hosted by team leader Jaime Clarke, is all about learning about yourself before you set a goal, and then prepare to achieve it. Jaime shares his personal experiences with this as he began to take interest in mountain climbing at a young age, then set his sights on climbing the highest mountain on the planet. But, the lessons learned do have to just apply to climbing. What ever your goal in life is, an important step to achieving it is to learn about yourself before embarking on your journey.

Kraig Becker