Want To Blog Your Way Around the World?

Come on! Admit it! You’ve surfed on over to this blog on more than one occasion and thought “This whole blog thing doesn’t look all that tough!” Well, now is your chance to find out for yourself with the new Blog Your Way Around the World Contest, which will send eight lucky winners off on some amazing trips to far flung corners of the globe, and let them write about their experiences as well.

Enter the contest is a simple affair. Simply go to this page and fill out the online application. That application includes a 400-word essay explaining why you should win, and how you would blog from the road if you are amongst the lucky few chosen.

After that, you need to rally your friends and family, and get them to vote for you, with the top vote eight vote getters winning the prizes. The deadline for entry is December 31st of this year.

The trips that are up for grabs are definitely worth blogging about. The options include rafting the Salmon River courtesy of OARS, a cycling trip through the Czech Republic and Austria from Backroads, a heli-hiking adventure from Canadian Mountain Holidays, and a journey north to view polar bears from Natural Habitat Adventures.

The other four include a visit to Costa Rica from Off the Beaten Path, a Galapagos expedition from Lindblad, a luxury cruise to Borneo from Orion Expedition Cruises, and a custom safari from Micato Safaris. All of these sound like amazing trips, and to make them even better, you’ll receive all the gear you’ll need on your adventure as well.

Once the winners have been selected, they’ll have until 2014 to take their trip, and they must agree to write about their adventure before, during, and after their journey. But, they will get to bring a friend along too, with all of their airfare and tour costs covered.

Seems like a great opportunity to me. I’d be happy to blog any of those trips! If you would too, then fill out your application now, and get started. Good luck everyone!

Thanks to the National Geographic Adventure blog for the tip!

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Want To Blog Your Way Around the World?”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Those are some amazing trips – too good to pass up. I think you stand a great chance at winning one of them… how about biking through the Czech Republic?

  2. I'd have a hard time choosing which one I'd like to do. The cycling trip would be awesome, but so would the safari.

    I think I may have mentioned that I want to go back to Africa badly! 😉

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