Wide World Checks In With Christina Franco

Polar explorer Christina Franco has has a couple of frustrating seasons in the arctic these past two years. In 2009 she had to be evacuated early on due to equipment failure on her stoves, which are not only necessary to cook food, but also to melt snow for drinking water and warm the tent. This year, she made it much further, but again had to be evacuated after she found her self stranded on a long, narrow patch of ice that was surrounded by a large open lead.

Now, safely home in London, Christina talks with Wide World Magazine about her adventures, and her overwhelming need to go to the North Pole. In the interview she describes the grueling conditions that she has to deal with while out on the ice, what her daily routine is like, and the biggest challenge she faces on the expedition. (Hint: Last year, cold temps, this year negative drift!)

The most interesting part of the interview for me was when Christina is asked about what she expected to see when she reached the North Pole. Her answer:

There is nothing at the North Pole that differs from what you have seen the rest of the trip. The place you arrive at is also floating above the North Pole for just a second and you quickly float away. There is something poetic in that. It is ephemeral and beautiful because no one can possess it.

Which only gives further insight into how the journey to the North and South Poles differ.

Very good interview, with lots of insights.

Kraig Becker