Discovery Channel Launches New Survival Television Program

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For years fans of the Discovery Channel were split down the middle on the debate of who was better, Bear Grylls or Les Stroud. The debate went back and fourth and was often heated, with both camps steadfastly defending their guy. Then Les did the unthinkable by deciding he was done with Survivorman, and moving on to other projects. That left us with just Man vs. Wild to quench our need for watching a guy struggle to survive in the wilderness each week.

That’s all changing, starting tonight, when Discovery launches its new show Dual Survival, which will throw two unlikely companions together as they struggle against nature and the elements to survive together. The two men in question include the military trained Dave Canterbury and his much more laid back co-host Cody Lundin. As you can imagine, Dave is a much more by the book kind of guy, while Cody is a naturalist who takes a more “hippy” approach to nature and the outdoors. As you can guess, the two don’t always see eye to eye on how to survive in the wilderness.

The show makes its debut tonight at 10 PM ET/PT here in the States, and below is a clip of what you can expect. Hmm… could be interesting. Think it’ll replace Les?

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Discovery Channel Launches New Survival Television Program”

  1. Thanks for posting this….I dont ever watch TV, except I did download every episode of Survivorman and Man Vs Wild. Now I'll have something new to get online, somehow…

    Seems pretty interesting. I like that hippy guy.

    Personally, I thought Les Stroud was smarter, Bear was just very on the edge. Alot of controversy over the actual filming kinda soured the series for me…

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