Everest 2010: Whittaker and Hahn Recap Their Summit

During the 2010 Everest climbing season, Leif Whittaker and Dave Hahn were part of the First Ascent team, and made a successful bid on the summit on one of the last days of the season. Now, they’ve recapped their climb on video, which does an amazing job of demonstrating the conditions that they were dealing with while at Camp 4 before they made their way up.

The video has great footage of their climb, including some stunning scenery, and Everest fans will love what they see. For Hahn, this was his 12th summit of the mountain, extending his record for the most ever by a non-Sherpa. For Whittaker, who is the son of Jim Whittaker, the first America to summit Everest, this is his first of potentially many more to come.

Kraig Becker