Exploring Cambodia By Motorcycle

Online adventure mag Wide World has a cool article up about exploring Cambodia’s backcountry by motorcycle, with author Michael Guy giving us the details on his ten day right through one of the poorest countries on Earth.

The ride begins in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and proceeds out into the countryside, which as been inundated with rain in recent days, and looks more like a lake than actual land. Guy and his companions set off on Honda XR250’s, which are very capable motorcycles that can go from paved road to dirt to non-existant trail fairly well, something that is necessary on a trip such as this one.

The ride winds its way past ancient Cambodian temples, through remote villages, and along back roads that seldom see traffic. It seems that this is as much a cultural and historical adventure as it is an off-road excursion on bikes that are a lot of fun to ride. As the week goes on, and the cycling tour continues, some of the highlights include crossing remote rivers on rafts, riding up into the mountains to visit tribes that seldom have contact with outsiders, and a stop by a 12th century temple, before coming to an end in historic Siam Reap.

Reading about this adventure, I can’t help but think that this would be an amazing way to visit a country. Riding on a motorcycle through remote locations sounds fantastic. This particular tour is offered by Global Enduro, who offers a full slate of other adventure motorcycling tours, many of which look like they would be a lot of fun. Anyone want to go for a ride?

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  1. Oh wow… I think that's soo cool that you got to do that experience…. I love your blog…. do you mind cheaking mine out too ?

  2. I wish I had gotten onto the back roads when I was in Cambodia. Unfortunately we were to cheap and ended up riding scooters around. We looked at xr250's but they were a little more then we wanted to spend. I think back roads would have been the safer option with all the craziness that happens on the main roads ha ha.

  3. Regarding Motorcycle tours in Cambodia i must relate what recently happened to us: an outfit that completely oversells itself (Red Raid Tours Phnom Penh – http://www.motorcycletourscambodia.com); left us stranded at night on a highly dangerous road on bikes with totally unsuitable headlights (xr250's); a follow-up car without the correct equipment to change its own flat tire (!) and a crew that did not even bother to read the lonely planet guide for some basic Cambodian tourism information; after extensive travel & adventure experiences and 38 years of independent living in SE Asia (not expats), this is the most worst we have ever experienced – to stay away except if you want to risk your lives and overspend doing so

  4. Guys

    I recently did the Ultimate Cambodia Tour with Bike It Asia. This is an aussie owned company that uses local guides, experts and XR250cc bikes.Its safe too, as Bike It Asia is a licensed travel agent in Oz. We did 1400ks without a hitch with the 7 night tour costing only $1790pp

    Best tour Ive done and Ive been riding for 20 years. We are doing their Vietnam tour later next year and cant wait for that.
    You want a good , safe and responsible tour, get on toBike It Asia


    Tom our guide was excellent

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