First Ascent’s Melissa Arnot Recaps Everest Summit

Still haven’t gotten your fill of Everest news for the year? Already going through withdrawals now that the season is done? Have no fear, as gear company First Ascent is still updating their blog with some news and video from the mountain. In the video below, FA guide Melissa Arnot talks about what it is like to return to Everest once again and to summit with a partner that she trusts and enjoys climbing with. The accompanying images are a wonderful look at the upper reaches of the mountain, including shots of Melissa reaching the summit.

Hopefully this will tide you over until the fall climbing season, as we’re not likely to get a whole lot more news anytime soon.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “First Ascent’s Melissa Arnot Recaps Everest Summit”

  1. Have you heard any more news about their new thin jacket that was supposed to do so well up there?


  2. That's actually the Supersuit from Hanesbrand. That's the team at

    I haven't heard a thing yet, but I'm definitely wondering how it worked out. They were intending to use it on their summit push. You can bet I'll post any info I find on it.

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