Looking to try out adventure racing? Live in Wisconsin?

Adventure Racing

Adventure racing is one of those sports that you really have to try for yourself to totally understand what it’s all about. But, unfortunately, it can also be a bit intimidating, since you need plenty of gear, and the various disciplines can be tough to balance in your training. Of course, the best way to give it AR a try for the first time is to jump into a beginner’s race, but those can be few and far between, as race organizers seem to want to find new and unusual ways to punish their regular teams.

For beginner adventure racers living in or around southern Wisconsin, I have good news for you. Fat Otter Adventure Sports is preparing to launch their first ever SPOLKA race near Prairie du Sac, WI. The race will have teams of two (men, women, coed) or three (coed only), running, paddling, and mountain biking through the lovely Wisconsin backcountry. The legs of the race are expected to be roughly a 4-mile paddle, a 10-30 mile ride, and a 3-10 mile run, with the promise of plenty of beer and brats at the finish line of this sprint class race.

The SPOLKA will take place on July 31st and is expected to run 3-6 hours in length. The race is designed for competitors of all skill levels, but is geared towards beginners hoping to get a feel for what adventure racing is all about. For instance, the race will allow beginners to find all checkpoints while staying on a trail, keeping the confusing and challenging orienteering out of the equation, at least for now.

This looks like a really fun event, and if I were headed home to Iowa for the summer, I might plan on trying to attend. Instead, it looks like I might be in the Florida Everglades that weekend, but this certainly looks like a great opportunity for budding adventure racers in the Midwest.

Kraig Becker